January 29th, 2015


Lj Idol Season Nine: "Lethe"

idol season nine | week 35 | 935 words
Men and melons are hard to know


I remember yesterdays and yesterdays, but I don't remember years. It's strange being convinced that there are such long spans of time, when I can't even place myself in them. Still, I know it's true.

I speak un peu de français, but I don't know my name apart from what the doctors tell me. I don't even know my favorite color, although I seem to like red—but was that the same color I liked before? Am I reading books I never liked before, and eating foods I used to hate? Every day I wake up in the same gray room with the metal-framed bed, the room with no pictures or other personal decorations. I know I was there yesterday, and that I've been there for quite some time.

But all the days run together after a while.

Breakfast is usually delivered to my room, and then I'm escorted to a library. I'm usually alone except for the guards, and I spend my mornings reading, listening to music, and watching movies. Mornings are great. Then I have lunch, and go outside to exercise. I'm good at shooting baskets, but I don't remember anything about basketball itself. I'm left-handed (and I don't think amnesia would change that), but not good at drawing. I write numbers pretty well, though.

Sometimes the doctors ask me questions, like "What year is it?" or "Do you know who the President is?" or "What's the earliest thing you can remember?"

Every new question is a test I'm bound to fail, but I know the answers to the ones they've asked before. I wonder if they think my memory might be getting worse? Are they checking to see if I'll forget recent information as much as I've forgotten the past?

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