January 22nd, 2015


LJ Idol Season Nine: "Tales Half Told"

Tales Half Told
idol season nine | week 34 | 1175 words
Lost the plot


Against the verdant hills of the sacred seventh kingdom, Sir Harold Wickham battled the dragon Darkwing to determine the fates of the citizens of the realm. The fighting had raged since dawn, both man and beast caught in a war pitting strength against agility. Sir Harold sought to claim both honor and the king's youngest daughter, and the dragon envisioned treasure-filled storerooms and legions of frightened farmers pledging loyalty and livestock in equal measure.

Although both parties were growing fatigued, neither would grant the other an easy victory. Sir Harold traded his spear for his broadsword, raising it to counter the beast's fearsome attack. The dragon roared the fullness of his wrath, when suddenly—

"What just happened?" Sir Harold whispered.

"It appears that the words ran out," the dragon murmured.

"Oh, dear," Sir Harold said. "I don't recall such a thing having occurred previously. Do you? What shall we do?"

"Let us delay a moment. Perhaps they may yet return."

The knight and the dragon waited for a bit. Sir Harold shifted in his armor and poked holes in the earth with his sword. The dragon examined his talons and brushed off some loose scales.

"I wonder if anyone is even aware that a problem has arisen?" said the dragon. "We've been here ages, and there hasn't even been an announcement."

"How much longer shall we wait? This is frightfully dull."

"At the moment, I have lost all interest in our battle. Do you suppose we might find a more amusing way to pass the time?"

"I have a chess board in my satchel. I left it at the river," the knight said. "Perhaps a game?"

The dragon adored chess. "Delighted."

They strolled down to the river and began.

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