December 15th, 2014


LJ Idol Season Nine: "Wish You Were Here"

Wish You Were Here
lj idol season nine | week 31 | 1336 words
“The future outwits all our certitudes”


Before the age of eight, Danny Ruthers was forbidden to go into the attic. Once he was older, his mother let him come along with her as long as he promised not to touch the things on the shelf at the back. They didn't look very interesting anyway, Danny thought, and they were all out of reach. But when he was nine, his curiosity got the better of him. He moved a box over and climbed on it to get a better look, and discovered that there was more on that shelf than dusty knick-knacks and an old, broken clock. There was a small chest the size of a shoebox hidden at the very back, and it was not the least bit dusty.

The chest was also locked.

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