December 8th, 2014


LJ Idol Season Nine: "Not With A Bang..."

Not With A Bang…
lj idol |week 30 | 931 words
Critical Hit


It was a YouTube recording of Triangle Puppet that launched Jeffrey Waring's career. One day, he and his band were playing county fairs and high school dances, and the next, they were getting airplay and a blurb in Hot Pipes Weekly. It was the kind of lucky break that every would-be rock star hoped for.

The band itself was a revolving door of backup musicians, as Jeffrey had a tendency to be fickle. He also had no marketing sense whatsoever— back before Triangle Puppet made them famous, he used to change the band's name whenever they lost or gained new members, or on long afternoons where he simply got bored.

"You can't keep renaming the band," Bango Yevitz, the band's drummer, had said. "How can we build a reputation if nobody remembers who we are?"

Jeffrey had countered with, "Well, I don't think Wombat Circus is really 'us'."

"That's what I said last week, when you brought it up!"

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