November 26th, 2014


Turkey Eve...

Apart from the endless work overage, I spent late last week trying to write something for Idol and just being frustrated. I was looking to write fiction, but didn't really like the prompt, and then Saturday I was talking to my daughter about my mom's experiences in medical school, and thought "Oh! Duh..." So, it's done and posted.

An article I read yesterday in Wired inspired me to try writing tweet-fic, so I began a questionable experiment in that yesterday...

I'm off this week (finally! Thank god!), which lets me rework my exercise schedule to what it used to be before working from home was banned. I biked on Monday (without the horrific weekend crowds on the parkway), and ran on Sunday. It has been so long since I ran near the end of the day rather than before work. I'm not a morning person at all, so it's been more like a chore than a pleasure, lately. Sunday, the running was actually comfortable (I'd forgotten what that was like). I got to the end, and looked at the time and thought "Meh." I'd seen that number a lot over the last few months. Later, I remembered that I've only seen it during runs where I've had to walk part of the way. So, YAYYY!

The whole family watched Dead Poet's Society last weekend. Lots of sad thoughts about Robin Williams, and admiration for the job Robert Sean Leonard does in that movie. The real tragedy is realizing that the overbearing father who destroys his son also loves him. It's very true to a the mistakes real people make, which makes it more awful.

Traveling tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!