October 23rd, 2014


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

My birthday on Sunday was quiet but very nice, with lots of good wishes here and from family and friends. Since my daughter was out of town on a school training event, we didn't go anywhere in particular, but it was a relaxing day apart from poking my Idol story forward (even when I know the ending, sometimes these things just drag their feet). I went for a bike ride in the nicest weather I'll probably see for awhile-- we're transitioning from "How is it still in the 90s?!?" to "So. Much. Wind." Spring is exactly like this, too, except in the reverse direction.

I read (as fast as possible) the non-renewable book due Saturday, which was actually turned in on Tuesday. It was Lucky Us, a novel about two sisters who run into several fairly unlucky circumstances... but acquire friends along the way who are better than family. Mostly set in the 40s. I'm also frantically reading The 5th Wave (a YA semi-apocalyptic novel about battling alien invasion), and then I need to get to Insurgent Allegiance and the second book in the Unwind series before my Kindle checkouts expire. Why do my on-hold books always finally become available in clusters?

I'd say that this weekend will involve a lot of yard cleanup, except that we're going to hope we get to most of it on Friday. Before Saturday's rain and wind storm. \o?

So, all the Winconners are back now, those of you who got to go. I'll bet you had fun!