October 7th, 2014



I was going to post last week, then yesterday, and now I can barely remember all my blather-points, but I'm putting this out to see if any of my f-listies have suggestions for Idol's prompt:

The Cupertino Effect

There's a Wiki page on it, but all it's led me to are non-fiction ideas (which I don't think will make a good-enough story), and vague snippets of notions that are not meaty enough. Any suggestions?

In other news: how much do I enjoy the return of Sleepy Hollow? We spent the S2 premiere trying to figure out if we'd missed an episode (disjointed storytelling), but it was great seeing the characters again. Ichabod's rant about chained pens in episode 2 was everything I could have hoped for. :D

We watched The Lego Movie on Sunday, and it was cute and bizarre and stylistically fun. The "graphics" for it use actual LEGO pieces-- right down to the water and smoke (shifting waves or billows of 1x1 bricks). I think it's better if you're familiar with the pieces, as the "fire" effects are the flame pieces and the villain's headdress is festooned with what you may recognize as... little red coffee cups. ;) Plus, LEGO Batman is so chunky and pointy and adorable. He looks ridiculous (in the best way possible), and that contrasts SO well with his overblown ego.

I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, a YA novel about a character of the same name, a ginormous gay best friend and football player named "Tiny", and the difficult side-effects of living by the philosophy of "Keep quiet" and "Do not care." I think it's better if you don't read the book blurb, as that would spoil the twist.

Speaking of gay, here's a semi "hope-for-the-future" thought: my son is looking forward to the idea of being the friend of a gay couple down the road, because "They'll have the best man-cave ever!" My daughter got all huffy about that: "Why, because you think it will be FABulous?" Oh ye of little faith. No, he's thinking just the opposite. Since both halves of the couple would be men, there would be no one NOT interested in a man-cave at that house. He imagines that will lead to 80-inch TVs, comfy furniture, game consoles, an in-room fridge, and maybe a pool table. Hey, who actually needs a formal living room anyway? ;)

All right, off to bike before it gets too hot. We're back to the low-90s here again. Suckage.