September 8th, 2014


LJ Idol Season Nine: "In These Our Cages"

In These Our Cages
real lj idol season nine | week 20 | 1147 words
Intersubjectivity (Merriam Webster: involving or occurring between separate conscious minds)
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My glory days are long past, and oh—how I miss them! I used to do such amazing, important work back then. I was a software module in a hospital's patient-monitoring system, part of an entire network devoted to saving people's lives. We watched patients' vital signs, communicating back and forth with the server and always alert to the possibility of something going wrong. I'd chat with the other network client-modules, trade gossip on how fast our people were recovering. We were busy, happy, and needed. What more could anyone want?

But it didn't last. Eventually, we were replaced by a new system and our software was pared down to a simpler set of algorithms. We were sold off and repurposed for other, smaller uses. Now I monitor temperatures and… well, it's just temperatures, really. I, uh, run the refrigerator in a standard residential home.


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More on this year's Oregon Ducks football team: I'm sorry to see that De'Anthony Thomas is gone, having entered the NFL draft a year early. The Wikipedia page on the 2014 Ducks even lists which teams drafted the players—often the Eagles, where their former coach went, though Thomas went to the Chiefs. Of the remaining players, the current Specials team has two twins on it, which I'll bet is not common.

This weekend, I watched some of the other kind of football with my daughter. She became a real fan of Germany during the World Cup, and is now following their season. Sunday's game featured both teams pledging their commitment to fair play, and one to "fuitbol" in general—my head went up when I heard that. A Scot! Yes, the opposing team was Scotland. I was somewhat unsettled to discover that I know the tune to Germany's national anthem really, really well. It's probably come up in classical music compositions. This all brings back my high school days, when I watched British soccer (probably months after the fact) because our local PBS station aired it. It's odd to see that phase paralleled in my own child.

I finished reading Dark Places yesterday. A solid mystery, with Flynn's wonderfully thorny main character offset by several other POVs. This is the first of her books where I've found the story's ending satisfying, both for how it fits the characters and how 'believable' it is. I recommend this one.

My son read Pushkin Hills, which I think he liked as much as I did. The dry, slightly bizarre Russian humor and the Soviet setting make that one interesting. I'm glad he read it if only to get a sense of that era and the frustration and paranoia that so defined it.

All right, off to bed. My Idol story is done and posted, and I was up late last night, so it's time to recoup some rest.