August 18th, 2014


LJ Idol Season Nine: "Remembering What To Forget"

Remembering What To Forget
lj idol season nine | week 18 | 987 words
Disinformation (a story set in the S.A.T.E.D. universe)


I used to think there was nothing but farms around the outside of town, but I was wrong. Today, I found a whole bunch of big machines out in a field a long way from home. They were mostly buried in the ground, but I guess the rain washed some of the dirt away, so now you can see them.

Ma doesn't want to talk about it. She says I can't tell anybody else, not even my brother Jimmy. I don't see why she's so upset. It wasn't my fault—I found those things by accident!

Me and Bobby Waters were riding a couple of his horses down to the creek, when something happened to mine. I guess she got stung, maybe? Or spooked? Either way, she kind of jumped and then just started running. I was lucky I didn't fall off, but I hung on as hard as I could and after lots and lots of running, she finally stopped. I wasn't sure where we were at first, but I looked in all directions and I finally spotted our town. The church was tiny-tiny from way out there. That stupid horse could've gotten us lost! When I turned her around, that's when I saw the funny rising-up part of the ground and rode over to look.

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