June 1st, 2014


With the horror that is Monday on the horizon...

Last week, I had one of those bizarre moments on the Interstate when I spotted something I couldn't believe I was seeing. This was less weird than the full-out clown-costumed person I once saw driving next to me, more interesting than the transport truck full of golf carts (!), and less dangerous than the slightly weaving car that turned out to be some guy in his 20s showing his cat out the window every couple of minutes.

It was a pickup truck with one of those flat metal utility boxes in the back, and something oddly shaped was clearly on top of that box. But what? It turned out to be a metal dragon sculpture, and a pretty nice one, too! I'd be afraid of having it fall off or get stolen, frankly, but seeing it made my day. :D

My most recent Idol entry turned out well, but I felt like I was poking it along at a snail's pace all last week. Researching language of its era, I rat-holed down trying to find the original source of the phrase "pusillanimous puke." It seemed like a Twain quote, or perhaps a politician, but so many people have REused it that its origins are now buried too far down in the Google results. :(

However, I DID stumble across this listing of formulas for Renaissance-era insults (about halfway down the page). You don't even have to mix up the columns—some of the lines are fantastic going straight across: gleeking flap-mouthed foot-licker, or spongy rude-growing pignut, or villainous tardy-gaited strumpet. Can a dribble-mouthed rude-bottomed gutter-blossom be far behind?

Other news: we are almost to the end of this past season of Justified, and it has been fairly disappointing. There is very little of Raylan this year (and his story arc seems to consist solely of bedding another ill-chosen blonde). Much of the season is taken up with lengthy exploits of the newly-discovered Crowe family (of which Dewey remains the only interesting member, simply because he makes fecklessness a comedic art form) and Ava's travails in prison (zzzZZZZzzz). Much as I like the secondary characters on this show—a LOT—I don't want the show to be primarily about them. This pretty much the same way I feel about this season's Grimm, where Monroe has been domesticated into being boring and the Royals (and now Trouble) have taken over the show. I think it's a bad sign when a show gets bored with its main characters. :(

The premiere of Fargo, though? Very tight, and really good. Oh, Billy Bob... you are a marvelous casting choice for this show. :D

All right, back to reading Idol entries and lamenting the end of the weekend. :O