May 8th, 2014



If only I could find some. I meant to post this yesterday, but after writing and posting my Choose Your Own Adventure entry for LJ Idol, I was pretty fried—into the next day! And beyond, apparently...

I did quite a bit of yard cleanup this weekend (more still needed), and some planting. The tomatoes are in the ground! This year, I will fertilize them, because last year was even more pathetic than usual. Even the Roma tomatoes were marble-sized. :O

We watched The Simpsons' "Brick Like Me" episode, which was pure genius. The show has really gotten crazy with the opening credit-sequences this year, but that entire episode was just gloriously bizarre. The Church service was epic! Even if you don't normally watch The Simpsons, I highly encourage seeing this episode.

I've also started watching season 2 of Hannibal, now. It is such a fascinating, disturbing show, and the cast is terrific. All the food is stomach-turning to me, for obvious reasons, but works within the larger theme of how Dr. Hannibal is portrayed. We see the aftermath of his crimes (which are hair-raising enough), and we know he's committing them, but the actual murders occur offscreen. The doctor seems quite sane (and he probably is—he's deeply twisted, but not crazy), and the most intriguing thing about him is his utter weakness for Will Graham. He seems to feel bad about how his actions torture Will, because he genuinely cares for him. Much like "Red's" obvious affection for Lizzie (The Blacklist) makes his character that much more interesting, Dr. Hannibal always keeps us guessing. There's a glint of dormant humanity, and you never know when it might surface.

These last couple of episodes (2x03 or 2x04), Will has been drugged-out and sweaty and sexy as hell, and I don't even know what to think. That isn't my thing at all, but damn. What does it all mean?