February 4th, 2014


Catching up a little bit...

We've seen the Sleepy Hollow finale (a combination of "Oh, no!" and "Yessss!"), and the series finale of Dexter (Awwww...). We're current on The Blacklist and Almost Human, and almost there on White Collar and The Following. Still haven't started watching Justified yet, though, or gone beyond 3x01 of Sherlock.

The Following is something I always feel we might imminently give up on, since the murdering/death-worship aspect is just too disturbing. If it weren't for Kevin Bacon, we'd have quit last year. L&O: SVU just seems flat since Elliot left (and getting worse), and The Mentalist is no longer fun. We tried The Good Wife again, but there's still too much Will and Cary for both our tastes. We're probably the only viewers who don't like those characters.

Oh— also caught up on Grimm, though not enjoying the Royal Family subplot much. Note to show's writers: there is no "Oregon Highway Patrol." In fact, many states do not have a highway patrol! They have State Police, who handle cross-jurisdictional crime and (indicentally) often also highway traffic. California has a highway patrol, which apparently is why they need the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). I totally thought the CBI was a fictional creation of The Mentalist, until it showed up in a Lincoln Rhyme novel, too.

I've finished several good books, including More Than This, Long Division, Speaking From Among The Bones (a Flavia De Luce mystery), and Blood Work (a solid Michael Connelly novel that is NOT one of the Harry Bosch series). Currently reading one of the Jack Reacher novels, and I have "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies" waiting next.

Some fun links:

* Knitted Boov, for the 1-2 other people on my f-list who have read The True Meaning Of Smekday (which more of you should read! It's great!)

* Which Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?, a fun quiz that pegged me as Watson. Probably not surprising?

All right, I have a story to polish. Back to editing!