October 23rd, 2013


Nightvale and kittyness (two unrelated things)

First, Welcome to Nightvale: ALL the weirdness! \o/

I'd characterize it as a sardonic sci-fi fake-radio-broadcast-series of a little desert town already a few years into being infested with aliens and trying to reposition their reality as best they can. For instance, when taking your children out to play in the scrublands and sand wastes,

keep an eye on the helicopter colors. Are the unmarked helicopters circling the area black? Probably world government. Not a good area for play that day. Are they blue? That's the sheriff's secret police. They'll keep a good eye on your kids, and hardly ever take one. Are they painted with complex murals depicting birds of prey diving? No one knows what those helicopters are, or what they want. Do not play in the area. Return to your home and lock the doors until a sheriff's secret policeman leaves a carnation on your porch to indicate that the danger has passed. Cover your ears to blot out the screams.

Definitely worth a listen. :D

Kitty news: We have named our new-to-us (she's four) black cat "Jinx," and are learning more about her personality. Collapse )

So, Halloween is coming. Anyone dressing up? I finally have most of the decorations out, though no candy yet. Just to be safe. ;)