October 20th, 2013


Post-Birthday Update

Thanks so much to those of you who remembered my birthday yesterday. I received comments and messages from legion11, fiery_fox2, deirdre_c, freaky_nea, jasmasson, adoptedwriter, sandycub, tsuki_no_bara, sweeny_todd, and jeyhawk.

So many festive v-gifts: a chocolate cupcake from desertport , a pink one from deadbeat_nymph (oh how I miss you!), champagne AND balloons from the lovely tuesdaeschild, and a box of chocolates from heliokleia. They're all so pretty!

And clair_de_lune wrote a wonderful Michael/Lincoln story for me. That was such a fantastic surprise!

It was a quiet day at home, with getting some of the house in order and trying to avoid thinking about the milestone involved. We went out to dinner at the Elephant Bar (lobster! For the first time in 10-15 years!), and today we went to Apple Hill where I was too late for Gravensteins (boo) but there were still fresh apple donuts and fritters to be had. Gorgeous day, very nice.

Having it be my 50th birthday was tough, but thanks to the love of friends and family, I survived it!

♥ to you all :)