October 18th, 2013


Friday morning blurgles...

Still short on sleep. Now that work is quieter, it's things like Find something to ask for as a birthday present—anything! or my daughter being up late and unexpectedly chatty. We call her The Mindworm (courtesy of the Jasper Fforde books) because she is theoretically a member of the household... but we almost never see her. If she's home, she's hiding in her room. Whoever said that you had to take any opportunity that came along to talk to your teenager wasn't kidding.

I had a nice ballet outing in mind as a gift (they're doing a production of The Firebird, and no one EVER does that), but even the reamaining matinee tickets are around $100 each. Wow. I don't want to see it that much! So, at this point I hope to go to Apple Hill this weekend with the family, and strongarm my husband into downloading some iPod songs (and yes, podfics) for me. Plus, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. :D

Thanks to LJ Idol stretching into September, and then work going nuts, I completely forgot to haunt the local grocery store for Gravenstein apples. ONE chain offers them, for a brief Fall period, and while they're all over Oregon (where I grew up), they're hard to find in California. I'll look at Apple Hill, but they're usually gone by now. Woe. :(

I tried to do some online bike-gear shopping yesterday, and once again, I wonder what manufacturers are thinking:
  • Cyclometers with Auto Start/Stop: So, there is NO way not to fold my warmdown into my ride? And that's a FEATURE?

  • Bike jerseys with white material under the arms. Seriously—there are tons of these.

  • Bike jerseys with "ventilation" panels in the back, or as some might call them... sunburn strips. They're almost always in places you can't reach to sunblock, and most of us cycle bent over. D'OH!

  • Last piece of random, since I need to get back to work: Why? WHY? Even if you don't have acrophobia, how is that smart? *cries*