October 15th, 2013

HellNo Kitty

Failboat Nation

After the Nightvale recs and squee over podficcing at Wincon, I decided last night that I would make a serious attempt to get podfic on my iPod Nano.

No. So much No.

The iTunes and database we use are on my husband's computer, and I'll probably have to try over there instead. But the current iTunes I installed on my PC doesn't seem to have an interface for "Download. Now. Into my database, even, I don't care—just download it!" Nightvale wants to play on my actual computer, and things that I copy to the iPod as mp3s are then mysteriously unknown to the iPod afterward.

I don't think my unit is too old (it's one of the classic 8Gb Nanos, and I will part with it when it is dead). What am I missing? Or is it that the iTunes interface has moved beyond liking my moldy old hardware?