October 14th, 2013


I'm Back!

Back from the glorious insanity that was Wincon, and time spent with marvelous fangirls.

My fantastic roomies were tsuki_no_bara (who makes the whole trip to Wincon worthwhile, all by herself), the awesome and very grounded chemm80, and knitter and bead-jewelry-maker extraordinaire (you have no idea), beadslut. They let me join their rooming party, and I'm so glad I did. It's one of the best ways to get to know people better.

I mainly go to Wincon for the people, though I LOVE the Vid Show and BadFic Idol. In addition to my roomies, I chatted with wendy (of course), sistabro, colls (new friend!), gekizetsu, deirdre_c, locknkey, girlguidejones (whose friend made and donated some amazing fandom-themed charm bracelets for the raffle and seriously needs to put them on sale via someplace like Etsy), Leen (whose username I do not know!!), a lovely Aussie (whose name I did not catch and whose husband came to the Con because he is just that amazing), desertport, vorpalblades, wave_obscura, brynspikess, laser_radiation (as sweet as ever!), lightthesparks, rivers_bend, clex_monkie89 (whose hair was half-shaved when we first met at Wincon Los Angeles, and is now goddess-length), scary_lullabies, velithya (who owns allll the costumes), cathybites, and Alexis (first Wincon!).

I met some people who were new to me, including (hey, don't slap your forehead like that) mistyzeo and her sister Sara (who are as close as twins, and the envy of all but the few who have that relationship with their own sibs), eboniorchid (who has been hiding some serious capabilities for eleventy-star badfic), the aforementioned people whose username I did not catch plus redhaired Meg who likes to knit and spins her own yarn, and lesson_in_love (we rode the airport shuttle together!)

I barely had a chance to talk to gigglingkat (it's never enough) and that made me miss weesta a whole bunch too. Those of you who couldn't make it this year... you were definitely missed.

I won something at the WinProm raffle, for the first time ever: a Sherlock-fandom boxed set of Adagio teas, which will secretly become a Christmas gift to my daughter. The art is amazing (there were several fandom-related sets, all wonderful), and we got to sample many of the teas one of the afternoons (really interesting and delicious).

I also received much urging to watch Haven, so I'll give that a try, and several people were Welcome To Nightvale fans (an LJ friend just today linked the transcribed series of it, for those who are podfic-clueless like me).

There were fangirls, there was an excess of bacon, there was an amazing fountain show at the Bellagio, and there were terrific costumes and just wonderfully dressed-up-and-feeling-pretty people. So glad I went. :D



I signed up for Yuletide late last night, which is always an experience of its own. I never seem to get the hang of nominating fandoms OR suggesting tags, so as a result... Reaper isn't on the list this year, and Live Free Or Die Hard is somehow missing John McLane as a specifically-requestable character. If I'd been remotely on the ball, I'd at least have fixed that last part. That forced me to change one of my requests and one of my offerings. Also, the "must offer" minimum is five now instead of four, which kind of threw me. Let's hope I don't regret the fandom I offered at the last minute!

In other news, my birthday is coming up in less than a week... and I have no ideas for gift suggestions to give my husband. :( This is worse than usual, because this will be my 50th (God, HOW?). Given that it's a milestone birthday, my husband wants to give me something momentous, but I don't really want or need anything. Christmas is like this, too. For better or worse, what I want are intangible things (family health, weight loss, an absence of sudden surprises that eat into our bank account). I typically acquire songs (once in awhile), not albums. I borrow books unless I really want to re-read them often. If we buy DVDs, they're usually TV series now and not movies.

It's like something gekizetsu was saying last week: I'm generally content with the material things we have, and don't want or need more except to replace things that break. I'm not a big jewelry wearer, I'm not a spa-and-manicure type of person, and I have the bike I need. All of that is really good as a long-term thing, but for occasions involving presents, it's kind of troublesome.