October 12th, 2013


Original Fiction: "In The Woods"

Title: The Woods
Fandom: Original Fiction
Author: HalfshellVenus
Rating: PG
Summary: It was a beautiful day…
Author's Notes: For the writerverse prompt of "Woods."


With clear skies behind us, we gave no thought to weather or time. We entered the edges of the forest, the clean, green smell of pine and sun-baked earth closing around us and pushing away the plans and worries that hung so heavily on our daily lives.

The sweep of the wind across the treetops—the chatter of birds—grew softer, distant, and then was somehow entirely gone. We hadn't noticed until the coolness of the air pulled us out of our wanderings, the path before us still clear while everything else seemed suddenly strange.

I said then that we ought to leave, while you just stared as if you wondered where else there was to go.

I can still hear your screams, as the trees moved in to claim you. They rose up in the air (in my head, they still clamor through my head) like flocks of wild birds sent scattering through the reaches of the now stormy, unforgiving sky.

----- fin ----