September 23rd, 2013


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There was an "8 Days of Wincest" celebration last week, but since I never got around to reading the 'instructions,' I didn't realize until Day 4 that each day represented a season of the show! S4 was where the show got problematic for me, and I didn't like S5 and beyond. I haven't even seen S7 or S8. So, I managed only a single drabble and it wound up being Gen. So many missed early-season opportunities!

I also intended to do another of the writerverse prompts for the week, but by Tuesday afternoon everything went to hell. My job has gotten increasingly unfun in the last few years, and I don't like where my part of the company is headed. I've put in a lot of passion and expertise, and decisions are being made that I think will screw over our customer base. Through many unfortunate circumstances, a peer was promoted to a level above me (for a position that I didn't even know was possible). Last week, she and the guy above us met to design my features without my input. She does not really know my features, and prior to her promotion, I'd simply have designed them with that guy myself. Now, I have a knowledge-free person and a small-picture-thinking person designing the areas I know and have to work with, and it is frustrating and insulting as all heck. I came out of the followup meeting realizing that I really need to be looking for another position, and that the company's other jobs in this beloved area of my field are no better. Plus, I'm the family's sole wage earner, and all our health insurance comes from my employment. Yes. That's why I pretty much fell off the planet on Tuesday.

A few days later, I was hijacked onto another project (requiring my other area of expertise), and I was ridiculously happy about it. But I still need to get my resume in order, and be looking around. The stumbling block from when I first thought about this last year? The only version of a resume I could find was from my previous profession, over 20 years ago. Ugh.

I'd hoped to link something fun here–Wired Magazine's August-issue fake-flowchart on "How Smart Should My House Be?", but the website is pretending it's never heard of that article!

Fine, we'll go with anecdotes. My daughter was petting the Whale the other night, and saying he was her precious baby. Afterward, I leaned into him and mooshed him with my head:

Me: It's been a long time since anyone called you their precious baby, hasn't it?

I LOL'd. Oh, irony–thanks for demonstrating my point! The night before, I was also head-mooshing him and a prolonged "Oiiinnk" slipped out (not for the first time). 33% cat, 33% dog, and 33% pig. Nice. At least he's never boring.

I sure hope most of you had a better week than I did. :(