September 8th, 2013


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Still hoping to encourage some of you to join therealljidol, so you can vote for my and other stories this round (and try out the comm and see what it's like). My story is really lagging in the votes, and we're losing the bottom 2 of 8 people this round, so every vote counts.

Biking today: I run into a variety of smells on the bike path. Some are bad (outhouses, lingering after-effects of fire, and let's not even discuss the later part of the salmon season). Some are good, and usually familiar by now: eucalyptus (rare), fresh laundry (some spring-blooming bud), sweet pepperiness (which comes from barely sprouted baby grapes—truly), charbroiled steak, blackberries, and licorice. Today I hit a new aroma: pumpkin bread! No idea how or where that came from, but on the return trip I smelled it in the same spot. Now I want pumpkin muffins..

We watched ParaNorman last night, which was fun and offbeat. You have to love the irony of animated characters watching a horror movie on TV that is done in claymation for the contrast. The PG rating needs a caveat, in that there is a lot of zombie stuff and younger kids will find that too scary. Still, there was a nice, soulful message at the end.

I worked on the LEGOs some more. There's nothing like tearing up all of the various repositories (which are even sorted!) for some obscure piece, and not being able to find any of the four of them... only to have your child tell you the next day, "Oh, yeah. I never had those pieces." I rebuilt an entire X-Wing fighter, to make sure the right pieces were used. That thing was obnoxiously fragile, so it more fell apart to where I had to start from scratch, than me deciding on that approach up front. It's done, I now know exactly what's missing (those four, identical, stupid-ass pieces, for one thing), and I won't get to disassemble it and pack it away until next weekend. Slow progress, but at least there is some.

Tomrrow? Back to the work grind again...