June 25th, 2013


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Miscellaneous Original Fiction

  • Listening For The Moon (PG) - It was better she didn't know...
  • Miscalculation (PG) - Don't bargain with Death.
  • Some Other Weather (G) - The obvious is not the only truth.
  • Transitions (G) - We walk through the rustle of fiery leaves...
  • The Coming Of Night (G) - Myths or legends speak of impossible change for a world of endless light.
  • Cyber Soulmates (PG) - It's a whole new kind of computerized dating.
  • Black Oak Road (PG) - There are places you don't drive after dark.
  • Running On The Edge Of The Divide (G) - I remember how it was at the beginning...

  • Bedtime Stories (G) - There once was a wolf...
  • Transfixed (G) - Landen waits on the threshold.
  • Enough, Already (PG) - Nobody likes being needed all the time...