June 24th, 2013


Lj Idol Exhibit B: "The Hidden Lake"

The Hidden Lake
LJ Idol Exhibit B| week six| 1247 words
Out of the blue


Deep in the forgotten forest, there was a lake that held the colors of the sky.

A furrier named Edmond found himself there one day, slowly pulled by the thirsty horse that led his wagon. He saw only trees at first, but then something flashed and gleamed between the lowest branches. The horse moved unerringly forward, finding breaks in the pathless terrain, and then they stepped into a clearing that offered unearthly beauty bound in a silence like that of a cathedral.

Edmond hardly dared breathe, but his horse would happily have pulled the wagon right down into the water. Unhitching the horse, Edmond led it to the lake's edge to drink. Something drew his eye out near the middle, a soft gathering of billowing folds that seemed almost—

He rushed into the lake, swimming with half-remembered strokes toward the uneven bundle of fabric floating just ahead. It was a woman—a fragile girl, dangerously close to death. He towed her back to shore and laid her at the grassy edge. She was breathing, he noticed, though her moonbeam-pale skin was most awfully cold.

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