June 13th, 2013


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Voting closes today on the current round of LJ Idol. My story is here, and it's somewhere between humor and crack. Hope you like it!

The week in review (since I didn't post days ago, as I'd intended):

* I shaved my arms last week in an act of desperation. The hair is light and fine there, but I've always wondered if it interfered with sunblocking. There's so much more freckling damage now than last year, and it's only June! I never had persistent freckles before moving to Sacramento, but even with massive care and sunblocking, it is worse every year. My arms feel like bare old-lady arms now. Weird.

* We watched Say Anything with the kids, one of our most quotable movies ever. Christopher has been hearing quotes for years ("Aw, man! You're bringin' me down!" "Yeah, man, shut up!" / "There's no FOOD in your food." / "By choice, man." "Yeah, man, by choice!" / "Dissed in the Malibu, doesn't know what to do. Lloyd, Lloyd all null and void..." / "Like Joe. And I. Were ripped. Apart." / "Joe li-hies when he cry-hies..." / "Don't be a guy, The world is full of guys. Be a man!" / etc., etc. plus the entire epic Bought, Processed or Sold speech). And yet, he was a pest all through the movie because he wanted to constantly talk. And was annoyed that we kept shushing him. My husband's reaction was to symphathize. Mine? That's an unacceptable behavior in pretty much any setting, and is one of the things our son needs to learn not to do. My husband and I have minor conflicts over several issues like this—I don't want to crush our son's spirit, but at the same time, he has got to be more accomodating of other people and society at large.

* HalfshellHusband and I watched Bernie, which was a quirky, pseudo-documentary re-enactment of a real case. A little Jack Black goes a long way for me, but this was a dramatic role and not comedy, and he was really good in it. Plus, the character actors doing the 'townspeople'! Oh, they were fantastic. So _real_, and it takes work to get those seemingly careless little effects of real people blathering to the camera rather than the "ultra-scripted" feeling that happens without that effort.

* Summer vacation planning is no farther along than before. Still just have the "when," and "somewhere in Oregon." I looked into the Shakespearean plays at Ashland, and was excited for about 1 second over "King Lear" until I saw that it was a modernized production. As was every other play except "Midsummer Night's Dream," which I've seen all too often. *sigh* Last year was much the same. And 70% of the plays are not Shakespeare. This iterates why we haven't been there in about 19-20 years now. :(

Anything new and exciting in your lives? I'm a week behind on my friends-list, so I'm hoping to get caught up on that today. There were a couple of birthdays that I sent private greetings for, and probably the last of you are finally done with school stuff (tomorrow at the latest, I hope). What else?