May 27th, 2013


LJ Idol Exhibit B: "Disquietude"

LJ Idol Exhibit B | week two | 500 words


"You'd be breaking your lease," Travis said. "The fine for that is huge. It'll cost you."

"I don’t care!" Ben Harkness was almost nearly stuttering. "I'm not staying in that apartment another day!"

Travis sighed and pulled Ben's rental agreement out of the file cabinet. He'd have to clean the apartment and put an ad in the newspaper, then do the background checks and interviews for prospective tenants. He'd been through this for 1436 just two months ago, and it wore him out.

They might as well just close the whole top floor. Nobody stayed in those apartments for long.

It was cold again. Nights were the worst—the chill grew stronger with each passing hour until it went right to the bone. But it was four o'clock in the afternoon now, and even the storm clouds outside couldn't account for the bitter sting in the air.

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