May 18th, 2013


Meanwhile, an eternity later...

Mother's Day was very nice last weekend, and included a matinee of Iron Man 3, which was fun. I still miss Rhodey 1.0, and I could always use more scenes of failed experiments in Tony's lab, but I loved the action scenes, Ben Kingsley, and the Guy-Ritchie-On-Meth-style closing credits.

Midweek, there was flailing to finish my Idol entry. Our need to upgrade our Internet forced us to also buy basic cable. While working on my rough Idol draft in the early hours of Thursday morning, I caught a show on HGTV with two brothers that do remodeling. In that episode, a gay couple wanted to buy a house near downtown Manhattan that had certain key features. The affordable choice amounted to one of two houses that could be heavily reworked. The brothers presented exactly what they would do to each house to fix it up, and OMG—there is software to show the virtualized result! I have major geek love for remodeling, which might be related to engineering. It's taking what you have, and modifying it to suit your goals (reusing it in a different way). The couple went for the scarier of the two homes, and the remodel was affordable in part because they were helping with the demolition. On the one hand, you're working on the weekend, but on the other... sledgehammer! \o/

Other news: I ran across an article in Outside magazine on the Mongolian Derby, where contestants ride the circuit of Genghis Khan's early "Pony Express". I'm sure that those of you who remember my Genghis Khan story from the last round of Idol won't be surprised that the article tempted me. Riders change over to a new horse at each station along the route. This probably makes the event harder, as Mongolian horses are short, scrappy, and ridiculously skittish. However comfortable your horse might have gotten with you, you'll have to start all over again at the next station. Assuming you make it that far—the horses spook really easily, and buck a lot of riders off. :O

I read Toni Morrison's Home last week. Terrific prose, and the book was hard to put down, but the dramatic climax and followup were week. The story builds up this expectation of the main character confronting a difficult return to home, but when you reach that part of the book, the focus shifts over to a different character. That peak isn't as substantial or dramatic as it should be, and the overall pace of the book is off. The ending comes too quickly and too lightly, relative to the rest of the book.

Also finished The White Bicycle, and am about to start a new Libba Bray book. Looking forward to that!

So, it's the weekend again already. What're you up to? We're going out of town all day Sunday for a family event, and then jury duty is scheduled to begin for me on Monday. Let's hope I get released before actually having to come in!