May 7th, 2013


LJ Idol Exhibit B: "Deceptive Ease"

Deceptive Ease
LJ Idol Exhibit B | week 0
Introduce another player (this is whipchick)


She could tame lions,
and if lions were anger,
irrational thoughts,
or expectations of being ordinary,
then she already has.

The whips are not weapons,
they are anchors
in feats of agility and skill—
props that dazzle
while defining distance
just a hairsbreadth short of harm.

The routines look effortless
but the practice is relentless—
You can do better, keep trying harder,
do it again and again and again
Chasing the truth inside words
is the same, the singular product
of both persistence and art.

Do the things you're afraid of,
pursue the dreams that haunt you most.
You can do more, always more,
than remain in the cage you already know.

It is not easy or predictable,
but the best goals never are.

This is how you learn to be fearless,
one hard-won victory at a time.