May 6th, 2013


Now with 99% less trauma...

There were bunches of random things I was going to post up last week, before the whole health scare over my oldest sister (who is back in her nursing home now, and still recuperating).

On to the frivolous!

I finally bought new running shoes again. This takes years, because the store I like isn't near us, but they're who can look at my old shoes and know what the updated model is (important for pronation control, since not all Asics have that). They also have a 30-day return policy, in case the shoes are somehow trashing your legs or feet. Took the shoes for an inaugural run yesterday, and so far so good. But this year's design, with the hot-pink-and-orange swirls? Looks like a carnival threw up on there. Urk.

I've finished some books. Because of the trip last weekend, I hit an all-time high of reading 6 books at once, since I didn't want to take the home books (all hardcover) on the plane: The Woman Who Died A Lot (bedside book), Flimsy, Little Plastic Miracles and Letters To Rapunzel (house-wide books, and I started the second to see if I wanted to renew it or return it to the library, since it was due), The Maiden's Grave (office gym book), Duckling Ugly (travel book #1), and Pride And Prejudice (hospital book on Kindle that fits in purse). Letters to Rapunzel was good-- it's kidLit, but fun for all ages. I reviewed it on goodreads. Flimsy, Little Plastic Miracles was also good, though you do wind up wondering (given its worlds-within-worlds setup) how much of it is fiction and how much abstracted reality. Duckling Ugly showed again why I love Neal Shusterman (YA fiction) so much. Still working on the others, and have probably already bailed on a second Jeffrey Deaver I started during the trip (I utterly loathe country music, and the book's "victim" seems overly precious. Though I do like her cheerful and oblivious stalker, who thinks he's rescuing her from her oppressive entourage rather than terrifying her (!).)

We watched Wreck-it Ralph this weekend, which was funny and had fantastic artwork (the Candyland world was terrific). Also introduced the kids to Be Kind, Rewind and its Sweded movies. SO awesome.

Now it's Monday, and the grind resumes. *sigh* I used to love my job, but the last couple of years have not been good. :(