April 8th, 2013


LJ Idol Exhibit A: "Chasing Eden"

Chasing Eden
real lj idol | week 11 | 1808 words
What goes around, comes around


The first time Ilaria Martel touched the past, the skies of the present were so black it was nearly impossible to see. "Please," her husband Michael said. "Do it for me. A few more years of this, and I won't be able to breathe." Ilaria thought about the labored sounds of Michael's lungs straining in the night, sounds that would someday yield to the terrible and bottomless depths of silence.

She got in the car and drove straight to the lab.

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Notes: I went for a less obvious interpretation of the prompt here, one involving actions that lead to much later results. This one stresses the irony (or tragedy) of trying to change a specific outcome via time-travel, and finding that some aspect of the original problem persists no matter what you do.

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F-List plea, re: Writerverse

Dear fellow LJers, especially those who are members of writerverse: are any of you actually able to see recent entries on that comm? I'm getting stalled out on a view back in February of last year, and over at team_prose I see a single entry from months ago and the "Current and Open Challenges" link gives me a permissions error!

I need to write a little something for Writerverse, to avoid getting dropped. Would one of you mind emailing me the open challenges from about tomorrow night through Saturday? (The Quick-Fic, if nothing else)

This is so frustrating. One of the comm maintainers says she sees the entries just fine, but they're borked for me-- two different browsers, cleared cookies/cache and all. It's like I'm stuck at a snapshot of the past!