March 10th, 2013


I want my sleep cycles back...

So, I finished The Little Stranger yesterday. I picked it up maybe a week ago, and found it so hard to put down that I stayed up too late nearly every night reading it. But now I'm feeling grumpy about the whole thing.

First, let me say that the narrator is a bit of a twit, and a mansplainer of epic proportions. Not that unusual for his era (post wWII), but after even just a few rounds of, "Let me tell why this thing I did not personally experience is just your imagination, or comes from being overwrought," you really want to smack the guy.

Having reached the end, there were plot developments I definitely didn't care for, and the character really didn't seem to have "learned" anything. I wanted to smack him all over again!

Did other people feel that way about the book, I wonder, or is it just me? There's nothing like getting sucked into something really heavily and then being peeved about the ending. Brings back memories of "Little Bee" all over again!