March 7th, 2013


All right, heads up

I'm about to post my new Idol entry, which has taken ridiculous amounts of research into an area I never thought I'd be exploring. Why, why, why?

Also, my daughter randomly informed us last night that she does not think Mariska Hargitay (of Law & Order:SVU) is attractive at all. Quite the opposite. Really?

What is wrong with this child, and how is she even ours?!?


LJ Idol Exhibit A: "Empires Of Parched Earth And Air"

Empires Of Parched Earth And Air
LJ Idol Exhibit A | week 7 | 714 words
Honey Badger Don't Care


Day 1
Amassed armies and provisions for first conquest this morning. Subdued three tribes between our base and the whispering lake. Ranks now larger by ten strong men, holdings by more than ninety goats.

Wife says goats not suitable souvenirs. Flowers? Lizards? Well-shaped stones? Choices are scant.

Day 57
Attacked new villages and tribes. Ruler now of all Mongolia. I am Khan!

Day 224
Ruling Mongolia now seems small thinking. The vastness of the world awaits me. Must plot next military campaign.

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