October 28th, 2012


This week's brand of insanity...

So, I signed up for Yuletide on Friday night. I did it for real one time, and it ate my life, so I've been doing Yuletide Madness offerings for the last couple of years instead. BUT! Something prompted me to give it a try again. I tried to nominate some things a few weeks back, but couldn't get the Iron Man movies in there (someone had already nominated some other Iron Man thing, and the web tool was stubborn). In picking requests, I was surprised that the Sherlock Holmes movies weren't in the listed fandoms, nor White Collar.

I was more careful this time in what I offered to write, namely, I avoided fandoms that inspire writing a full episode rather than a vignette. That's what got me last time—the only matching fandom I got was Reaper, and there are too many wonderful characters NOT to write. But it doesn't matter, because I can virtually guarantee that I'll be writing the obscure book fanfic I offered, or the second less-obscure book. There just can't be that many people willing to write the first one, and I'm pretty sure the person who always requests it will do so again. Probably better start re-reading it!

Christopher wrote a letter to the editor this week (posted online, and responded to by cranks. Yay). Then, in contrast, he chose a banana suit on Saturday for his Halloween costume and spent the rest of the afternoon wearing it while shooting baskets and otherwise amusing random neighbors. :0

Now that my zombie story is finished, I have some breathing room to write more random things. Nobody's reading it though, which is sad after working on it for so long! It's mostly humor and not particularly gory, so maybe it's failing both audiences who love zombies and those who find them icky?

In other news, HalfshellHusband and Christopher would like you to know that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. A lot.