August 10th, 2012


Strafing-run-style update...

We got back from vacation on Monday, and discovered that our troubled fridge/freezer tried to commit suicide while we were gone. Big puddle on the floor, raised linoleum, and no ability to open the freezer door. HalfshellHusband spent two days with a hair dryer and a butter knife, talking it down off the ledge. Food in coolers all through the laundry room, and we lost most of what was in the freezer. Now that the glacier is out of the freezer, we've powered the thing on and have the fridge half back. HSH is awaiting a part he needs to fix the freezer... but I'm ready to be done with this sucker. It's 22+ years old, and it's failing on us more than once a year. Ugh.

We visited family, and did all of our usual things in Portland and Eugene. No running at Tryon Creek, though—we had to stay at a motel, and it was just too far away. We saw MiB 3, which was much funnier than we expected. We watched a lot of the Olympics (too much beach volleyball!), and none of the DVDs we'd brought except for the kid-appropriate Bride And Prejudice. That was actually a re-watch, but it had been about 7 or 8 years. I still remembered the tunes from the first time, though. ;)

No Interwebs to speak of, which gets frustrating when you're trying to do online shopping for two kids' birthdays. I read The Coffin Dancer (another really good Lincoln Rhyme novel) during gym workouts, and finished The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks over the last few days. I rarely read or like nonfiction much, so the compelling need to finish that (overdue and on-hold) book should tell you something!

Besides the fridge, we've had both kids' school orientations this week, my daughter's birthday party today, and HalfshellHusband's initial hip surgery is on Saturday. That is not the hip-replacement surgery that was originally planned. His surgeon is wimping out and doing some stupid preliminary removal of the steel plate and screws as a test of how much HSH's muscles are going to fight him. We've already told him: a LOT. He needs to seriously investigate alternate methods to quiet/reduce the spasms, because the general anaesthesia isn't going to do that. I'm afraid he'll get in there, discover that it's as horrifying as he's been told, and then decide not to do the followup replacement surgery down the road. :(

In other news: I'm about 1 month behind on my friends-list, so I've missed a lot of important updates and news. I apologize if I've missed yours, and will try to catch up as much as I can.