July 25th, 2012

LJ Idol Spirit

Weekday News Update...

I've been so out of touch, swamped with Idol and home life and some obnoxious stuff at the office.

I wanted to mention that I was named the Spirit of Idol last week, which is about encouraging others in the game (and not the ghostly thing). I feel truly honored, and I'm sure some of you had a hand in voting for me. Thank you, very much!

On the homefront, Christopher and I went camping this past weekend at Lassen Volcanic Park. However, thanks to a hilly, casual (!!) office-team hike on Thursday, I got huge blisters on the backs of my heels that torpedoed the weekend hiking plans-- including climbing Mt. Lassen and visiting Bumpass Hell. Woe. We still enjoyed camping, but even wearing tennis shoes (to keep the dirt out) really hurt. I'm anticipating problems with exercising while on vacation next week. Please let this not ruin my chance to run at Tryon Creek. I wait all year long for that!

Entertainment-wise, I've introduced Christopher to my boxed set of Monty Python's Flying Circus. That show suits his sense of humor perfectly, whereas his sister finds it "weird" rather than funny. HOW have I missed "The Twit Of The Year" all this time? It's SO gloriously wrong. I was surprised at how early the Blancmange episode showed up (it's #3 or #4), and "The Ministry Of Silly Walks" and "The Piranha Brothers" are actually in the same episode! Wow. Just watched the sketch on boxing star "Ken Clean-Air System," whose manager claims that, "The great thing about Ken is that he's almost entirely stupid..." \o/

Heading up to Oregon at the end of the week, and we have some loose "mystery" days in the middle. Eugene gets increasingly dull as the kids get older, but my sister can only take so much of us in Portland. HalfshellHusband vetoed zipping up to Seattle and back (his sister is there now) because of the car time involved. His hip is just killing him...

This week's Real LJ Idol features a twist: one entry from the contestant, and one from an author acting as Champion. My Champion author is witchofthedogs, whom many of you know for her incredible SPN stories and all-around-awesomeness. Her entry is here. Mine is Sci-Fi, which is totally new for me but involves a story I really wanted to tell. Hope you enjoy them both enough to vote for them!

So, the Olympics are starting. Why does that always happen when I'm at my parents' house, where my Dad rules the remote and has an endless supply of M*A*S*H re-runs he wants to watch at all hours of the day?


Pulling up the birthday wagon...

Whoo, I've missed a few of these, and then there's the doubling up: Happy Belated Birthday to leighm, trueshellz, esorlehcar, erinrua, and jasmasson, and Happy (Actual) Birthday to deirdre_c and unhobbityhobbit! *tosses out presents* *fires cakes from cannons* *rains confetti down from above* \o/

Wait, why are you all running awaaaay?!?

In between booking hotels for a few nights in Oregon, I'm trying to find gifts for my own kids' birthdays in August. So far, Lauren has very few ideas other than ugly burlap pillows (which I predict she'll hate by Christmastime), and Christopher has a massive LEGO list that is... somewhat vaguely described (no model numbers). Whee!

Speaking of descriptions, there's an impromptu fruit stand on my way to work with a sign that says, "Real sweet watermelons." Why—are people selling fake watermelons these days? But my son thinks the sellers mean, "Really sweet watermelons" instead. Oh. Much less fun.

Voting for LJ Idol ends tomorrow, and so far the entries for my Champion author witchofthedogs and my own story are really lagging in the polls (either one could get me eliminated). I'm envious of those who can bring friends from Facebook over to vote. Facebook! Ha! Not only do I keep my net-life and real life separate, I only have about 20 Facebook friends, most of them family members who don't post any more often than I do. (My brother still doesn't have an actual picture up—he has the "blank head" avatar). So yeah, I'm nervous about being voted out. *bites nails* *refrains from refreshing depressing poll yet again*

Weekend plans, anyone? A last hurrah before schools starts up again, or just mainlining Olympics broadcasting?