April 25th, 2012


Dreams and Themes

Last night, I dreamed myself in the middle of a Supernatural episode. Sam's hair was slicked back, and he looked like a completely different guy (which he was—some not-Jared person was playing him). Sam had been cursed somehow, and in the middle of breaking the curse, Dean balked at kissing him to finish the job. That might have been Dean being prissy, or being weird about kissing his brother... or it might have stemmed from the fact that by then, Sam had become a decapitated shrunken-head version of himself. (Fallout of my watching The Walking Dead, I'm sure.)

In the next dream, I dropped my luggage at an airport snack counter and it broke open and scattered everything. I became so obsessed with gathering up all the tiny Polly Pocket dolls, clothes, and shoes I'd been carrying that I missed my flight. That message seems clear! "Get your priorities straight, and stop chasing after the (metaphorical) Polly Pocket shoes!" The current relevance though? No idea.

It's better than the dreams where I'm back in Peoria or at BYU to finish a degree and feeling isolated and miserable, or where I've moved and can't find work, or I've (inexplicably) left my job for "something better" that hasn't turned out that way. Honestly, I'd rather ramble through the bizarre than endlessly repeat those various anxiety dreams.

Finished S1 of The Walking Dead, which I liked in spite of the grossness. I can't stop thinking about the opening theme. I know it's Bear McCreary (whose music for Terminator: SCC I really liked), but it really, really sounds like the theme to The Lost Room.

I finished reading Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister last week. Quite a page-turner, and it begins so far from anything like Cinderella that it's hard to immediately see how the author will bring it around to an alternate telling. I'm currently working on another Harry Bosch mystery, and on Black Hole Sun. The latter is a YA novel by the author of Soul Enchilada. It doesn't immediately grab you and pull you in the way 'Enchilada' does, but it's pretty good.

Ooh, random question for the f-list: does anyone know of other songs by Bush with the same sound as Letting The Cables Sleep? Or was that one an anomaly?

ETA: *Gasp* The evil new lj-cut scissors are gone! Everything's back to normal. Am I imagining it? \o?