March 14th, 2012


Relevant to your interests?

I'm finally getting caught up on my friendslist. I never seem to read anything past Thursday/Friday until the LJ Idol voting is done, so I'm always behind. If you're just now getting random comments from me for old news... Hi! *waves*

Topic: This is a PSA for some RSS feeds I've created that you might enjoy:

bluepueblo_tmbr - Brought to my attention by janissa11, this Tmblr features incredibly gorgeous landscape photos from around the world. SO beautiful, so serene. Try it!

cheezcat_macros - If, like me, you've found that the regular RSS from is more "noise" than "fun" lately, I've made an RSS of just the cat-macros from the site. No vids, no ads, no bad cartoons-- just LOLZ.

How's everyone doing? Still surviving?