March 13th, 2012

Laundromat Reaper


I'm scurrying to Read All The Things for LJ Idol (votes due a day early), and haven't made any progress on finishing my taxes or actually booking motels for Spring Break. :(

However, I did make it to a plant nursery this weekend, and discovered that early March isn't an especially good time for that. But we got a flowering (purple) magnolia tree and a replacement rose-tree out of it, and some blueberry bushes. So, not a total loss.

I finished Mockingjay (the final Hunger Games book) on Saturday. I was sad about where some of that final story-arc went, but not because those were bad choices on the author's part. I also finished The Finer Points Of Sausage Dogs (funnier than the first in that series, I think. Professor Dr von Igelfeld's obtuseness is more gloriously aggressive in the middle book).

We went to Christopher's basketball game on Sunday, which his team narrowly lost. Here's what I don't understand. Collapse )

We're catching up on Once Upon A Time, at least as far as 1) Belle was an Aussie? and 2) Mary Margaret is a tramp? Which is to say, still 2-3 episodes behind. Nitpick: the show puts so much effort into the art and sets, and yet slips up on continuity such as having a princess ask, "Are you okay?" Ouch.

All right, time to make lunch and go to bed. Must finish off the remaining LJ Idol entries tomorrow. Still on page 3, but I see the end in sight...