March 7th, 2012



I've got Christopher's cold. I sure hope it's short-lived...

I started my taxes this last weekend, only to discover some random (see, what did I say?) form resulting from some long-ago company stock. It noted "shares sold" that I did not sell, but no cost-basis for them. A co-worker brought me up to date on it, but I'm still going to have to make phone calls. Our company split off part of itself years ago, resulting in stock weirdness. And then somebody bought the split-off company this past year, causing more weirdness with "sales-adjustment agreements" (my stupid form). I hate to sell the stock just because it's a nuisance, but still... :(

I also started my LJ Idol story, then scrapped it and wrote a different one. The first involved bringing a bottle of wine to a friend's house for dinner, only to discover that the other guests were wine snobs. Could we have made a more embarrassingly choice than the Karnival wine (with balloons on the label) that we'd bought at a French family's Napa Valley vineyard? Short of bringing rotgut, I mean? But I decided it was too thin an anecdote, even though it matched the prompt perfectly.

Talking cats: of our two current cats, Tigger rarely talks. This is good—her main sound is that of a rusty door hinge ("Eh-h-h-h-h-h"). She also says, "Wuwwwww" when she's complaining about being outside, and (my favorite) "Brrrrrpp?" when she's coming to greet you and is really happy.

The Whale, on the other hand (who is half-Siamese under his Maine-coon-sized tuxedo-cat exterior), talks a LOT, and has a huge variety of (mostly annoying) sounds. "Mowrf", "meh," "minoof" and "owf" are frequent comments. "Nihhh?" is for, Why are you bothering me? "Awrf" is either a thank-you or a greeting. "MaROW" is one of the many demanding, obnoxious noises, and "Mrrrrow?" is like, Yes? when he's snoring and you elbow him (followed immediately by more snoring). The Whale never shuts up.

But a few weeks ago, I wish I'd had a video camera because he made a sound I've never heard before. I was working in the yard, and Christopher was visiting off and on. At some point, he picked up the Whale and took him over to the swimming pool. "Want to go for a swim?" he asked, and the Whale said, "NOOOOoooooooo."

!!! That couldn't have been clearer! Fairly calm, too, considering. Afterwards, I had a talk with Christopher about not doing that again...