February 28th, 2012

Laundromat Reaper


I'm making up my own day of the week to cover yesterday—the work day from Hell.

Everything was cooking along until noon, when I started getting emails and four instant message threads all related to a software bug holding up testing, which everyone decided must be mine.

A few months ago, we transitioned from a useful code-database-revision-control tool to one that is a kind of neverending evil. It makes doing our jobs extremely hard, particularly looking at changes to your code from one version to another—which is an utter necessity in tracking down this kind of bug. Collapse )

Tonight, I'm reading more LJ Idol entries and watching my own tank in the polls. In book news, I've read the first four No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels. I love the clean prose, coupled with surprising business names such as the Go-Go Handsome Men's Bar or the Double Comfort Furniture Company. I'm also puzzled by the idea of people eating pumpkin as a side-dish. I guess they're treating it as a squash? I've started another series by the same author, Portuguese Irregular Verbs. That is much less fun, and the prose-style harder going. However, I do love the absurdity of someone trying to start a conversation with, "You seem to be fairly tall. Tell us about that."

I'm enjoying Joe Hill's 20th-Century Ghosts. Collapse )

I got a third of the way through Hellbent, and bailed. Too much poop. Literally. I've also drifted away from The Bards of Bone Plain. Really, the motor car was a bad sign. McKillip's storytelling style just doesn't mesh well with anything modern. Well, more time for that Michael Connolly novel then, and Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister. So many books, so little time!