February 26th, 2012


Thank you!

To the sweet, anonymous people who gifted me with more paid LJ time, thank you very much! I have no choice but to pay it forward, and spread the happiness around! ♥

I'm just about to take Christopher to his weekly basketball game (HSH and Lauren are tied up at the Math tutor). There'll be lots of waiting time, so I hope to read more of Joe Hill's Twentieth-Century Ghosts before the game.

I wish I'd started my taxes (i.e., get all the TurboTax updates, start entering forms, and then figure out what's still missing), but we're nearly at the end of Sunday again. Where did the weekend go? Aside from miniature-golfing with the kids, watching The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horrors, and watching Yes Man (adults only). It seems as if there should have been more hours in there somewhere.

I probably frittered them away working on my LJ Idol story (almost done). I haven't liked the prompts much lately, which has pushed me toward more off-the-wall writing these last couple of weeks. I thought last week's story was very good, but I'm not sure the readers did. Or maybe they just didn't comment much. A Holocaust story can be daunting that way. To be honest, I feel kind of inadequate to respond to the comments people DID leave, if that makes any sense. It cuts both ways.

So, Oscars. Not watching, as usual, but I've got stuff on Hulu to catch up on. Or I could load TurboTax and get that going. Nah, what are the chances of that?