February 23rd, 2012


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LJ Idol voting closes today. Those of us who were moved to new tribes last week are still suffering in the voting, so your help in the polls would be appreciated if you are so inclined: halfshellvenus, karmasoup, impoetry, and nodressrehersal. These are good stories, but it's hard to be new in a tribe as the other members tend not to read you. I can also recommend the entries by muchtooarrogant, beldarzfixon, and rattsu.

I thought I'd get more gardening done over the 3-day weekend (and perhaps start my taxes, and do All The Projects), but instead I made modest inroads on pruning rose trees and ratholed down the first two books in The Hunger Games series. Now I'm waiting for Christopher to go back to school, because one of his teachers has the third book in her classroom. :0

HalfshellHusband and I had an actual date, and saw Red Tails. I wish that movie had been better—defocused storytelling, some sterotyped acting. Not bad, though, and it tells an important part of history. Randomly, Terrence Howard has such pretty eyes that it's hard to look at anything else when he's onscreen.

Via watching an episode of S2 Monk, I now realize I have much stronger feelings about touching icky things than most people. Plunging your hands into a cherry pie and squishing around to find something inside it? Gah—I can practically feel how disgusting that would be, just watching it!! And then you'd have globby, sticky pie-mitts at the end. That is a huge, visceral "yick!" to me. Much like my daughter telling me that she softened a stick of butter with her bare hands. Butter-coated hands! Plus, that stuff does not come off easily. At all. Ewwwww!

Other book news: Christopher volunteers at the library, and made us all aware of a fun picture book for little kids, The Secret Knowledge Of Grownups. Giant, killer broccoli! Atomic cows! And more! :D

ETA: Criminy, I'm a week behind on my f-list? Yikes! *read read read*