February 16th, 2012


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It's the last day for Real LJ Idol voting. Some of us got moved to tribes where we are less-well-known, and are more likely to suffer in the voting. We could use your votes in the polls, if you are so inclined: halfshellvenus, karmasoup, impoetry, and beldarzfixon.

My back has been really cranky lately, messing up my sleep. Last night, I had some Advil ready, and that helped. The night before... I was persistently uncomfortable, but not awake enough to realize that my back hurt worse than usual. Don't you hate that? Too tired to wake up enough to fix what's keeping you from sleeping!

I might go for a bike ride today, depending on how windy it gets. Remember my amnesia route? I haven't ridden that for months, namely because A) I remember it too well, and B) my remembering includes the 9-mile stretch in the middle that is slightly uphill on a semi-crappy surface and heads due North. I need a South wind (and energy) to ride that route, and this time of year it's all North winds. I used to have a route that accomodated North winds better, but they built a casino down that road, and I'm not taking the risk. o_O

Lauren has a Mock Trial competition today. She currently does the Pre-Trial, and two expert witnesses (one for each side). She's also the backup defense attorney, which gets awkward when her expert witness testimony comes up. ;) Today's competition is in the Sacramento County Courthouse, which is probably adding to her nerves. I understand that people feel that's a real honor, but it's like our rec-league basketball championships being held at the local NBA arena: it adds intimidation and disorientation onto competition jitters. I.e., it's potentially more negative than positive. Or is that just me?

Happy Thursday! I'm living for the weekend once again...