January 13th, 2012


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First, snagged from everyone:

Raise your hand if your reaction was, "Hey, who's that handsome stud on the left? And where IS Neville in that picture?"

Boys' looks morph SO much during puberty. That's living proof above.

Second (and you've probably seen this before), President Obama's rendition of a Lady Gaga song. And by "rendition," I mean that video-clip splicing can produce some amazing results.

Third, this great Meta mentioned on Real LJ Idol today: How To Be A Fan Of Problematic Things. The essay covers so many examples of awesome books/movies/TV shows that have components that are less than awesome, and it helps provide a reasonable framework for discussing rather than denying. I.e., you don't have to claim that a given creation is flawless in order to love it, or shout down others who choose to complain.

I had a great bike ride today—fastest in weeks—and I hope the new pedals will continue to behave. Nothing else of interest to report. During Monday's ride, I could see these dark blobs (like charcoal-colored water balloons) approaching from the side, which then landed in a flurry of *whump-scuttle-scuttle*. Good lord, I had no idea quail could get so fat. Wow. Nor that they're as bad at landing as taking off (since they resist flying until you're practically right on top of them). Still, even all plumped out and clueless, they're awfully cute.

Do most of you have a 3-day weekend coming up? I'm sure looking forward to it. Plenty to do around the house, and I hope there'll be some NON-doing time, too. :)