November 15th, 2011


Another day, another dollar...

I went biking with Christopher on Sunday, and he spent much of the ride doing what I do: mowing down dead leaves to hear them crunch. With the really big, crispy ones, you can hear them hit both tires: kaWACKa!

I'm trying to improve my biking speed, since it has drifted south. There's the woolgathering while riding, of course, but for awhile I had a couple of classical music pieces stuck in my head that were... less than ideal. This was the progression:
  • Martinu String Quartets 4 and 6: some fast passages, but the rhythms change frequently and some are too slow. Abandoned for...

  • Tonight I'm Going To Rock You Tonight, by Spinal Tap. Seriously. This provided a good pace, a few years back. But better still is...

  • The "Rango" theme song from the movie. Yes, really. My average pace is definitely faster now.

  • For running, I use Beethoven's 6th Symphony as my pacer (well, except in the heat of summer). That keeps me from running too slow OR too fast. Unfortunately, I don't like Classical Era pieces much, so I kind of hate that symphony. Beethoven is considered to be responsible for kicking off the Romantic Era in music, and I prefer the Romantic side of his output.

    Here's something too good not to share, courtesy of tsuki_no_bara: a recipe for Single-Serving Pie In A Jar. I checked Target for mason jars this weekend (No), because I am itching to try that recipe out (and find out how much cinnamon is TOO much, when making apple pies).

    These weekend, we watched the Ducks stomp Stanford (Yayyyy!), and I think HSH and I may have given up on The Good Wife. Too much Cary, and I'm not a huge fan of Will, and moreover... the show seems to have drifted into relationship drama more than courtroom drama, Well, that'll free us up to watch Once Upon A Time in real time instead of via Hulu. Yes, in my stupid "early prime-time" TV market, The Good Wife is on at 8:00 now.

    So, are the U.S. folks making Thanksgiving plans? Traveling? Cooking it yourself? Or ordering Chinese food and doing it your way?