October 24th, 2011


Quick Update

Missed both The Good Wife and the premier (??) of Once Upon A Time, thanks to the fact that the guys who are replacing our roof disconnected our antenna. Yes, we actually use it! My hard drive is already filling up with Torrent downloads-- I hate to add shows we could actually watch or record in real time.

I did some garden area cleanup yesterday. Dear Evergreen Pear Trees: we seem to have a difference of opinion on what "evergreen" means. Also, tree #2? What's with the berry-sized fruitlets? Guys, if I'd wanted deciduous trees near the pool, I'd have planted real fruit trees. You are on notice. Along with the micromatoes, and the world's tiniest watermelons. :(

I've gotten hooked on Jelly Bellies (why? They're not even chocolate!). I bought a large bag at Target, which has some new flavors, and now I regret it. I've tried to like mango over the years, but I just hate it. I also have trouble telling which jelly beans are the mango ones (vs. lemon/pineapple/banana), and keep accidentally eating them. Gah! It's like biting into a skunk, every damn time. Yuck!