October 19th, 2011


Happy Birthday to Me!

It's been a lovely day! I took the day off, and HalfshellHusband and I went antiquing for a bit (mostly just looking at all the bizarre things for sale), and went to a coffee shop. Then I went for a bike ride (gorgeous weather), and we did presents and cake early so Lauren could run off to a school thing. The sounds of workers ripping the roof off punctuated everything, but it was alllll good.

My LJ birthday started yesterday, with greetings from legion11 in the Czech Republic to let me know that the calendar had reached the 19th in Europe already!

I've gotten birthday posts and messages from so many of you today- devon99, trinipedia, realpestilence, drvsilla, eponin10, roguebitch, digitalwave, tsuki_no_bara, tuesdaeschild, deadbeat_nymph, and heliokleia. ♥

Plus, lovely v-gifts (cupcakes! Balloons! Kittens, orchids, and presents!) from deirdre_c, maerhys, weesta, kebab1806, tuesdaeschild, heliokleia, dearpeterxoneal, and clair_de_lune. Thank you all for thinking of me, especially at such busy and sometimes difficult times in your lives. *hugs*

In the few hours left, I'm looking forward to reading the Michael/Lincoln story clair_de_lune wrote for me (!!! Whoohoo!!!), and possibly answering phone calls from my family that will probably start as soon as I get caught up in something else.

Thank you, everyone. You are the best! ~ ♥ ~