October 17th, 2011

Psycho Penguin

This and That

By now, everyone knows that Jared and his wife are expecting a baby. My first thought was, "But he's too young!" Then I realized that he's not. Both he and Gen are a perfectly reasonable age to start a family. If the news were about Jensen (though I can't envision Danneel rushing to have children), I wouldn't have thought that. Jensen has kind of a serious personality. And Misha? Well, he seems too loony to have children (too late), but I'm sure much of that is his public persona (though his kids will never be bored). Jared just seems like such a puppy kid, somehow! Well, he and his wife are headed toward one of life's greatest adventures. I'm sure they'll love it.

Speaking of kids, we introduced ours to Reaper this weekend, which they're enjoying. Boy, that show had one of the best Pilots I've ever seen. Such fantastic writing—I really miss it.

We also watched Breaking Away with Christopher on Saturday. I know it's a coming-of-age story, but when I rewatch it, that movie is all about Paul Dooley and his, let us say, prematurely "curmudgeoned" character. I.e., my inner summary is, "Breaking Away, starring Paul Dooley, with Dennis Quaid and a bunch of other people (including Dennis Christopher as the *koff* actual main character)."

The Dad has all the best lines:
  • "I'm afraid to look at him, Evelyn. I'm afraid if I did, his eyes'd be twirling like pinwheels!"

  • "I don't want any 'ini' in this house."

  • "That's my cat! His name's Jake, not Fellini. Your name's Jake, you hear?"

  • "Refund? REFUND?!?"

  • I had to explain the history of "punching the clock" to Christopher, and give him some context on the fact that when this movie was made, not many people did a lot of amateur cycling like the character in the movie. Living where we do, and with my hobby, how was he to know?

    Now, speaking of bicycling... I spotted the mutant black tree-squirrel during today's ride. Haven't seen it in about a year! I also got a closer view of some creature that looks like a cross between a squirrel and a baby bunny. It appears to actually be a squirrel whose tail met with some major misfortune. :0