September 11th, 2011


So wrong...

Minor nightmare: a yellow jacket flew into my mouth while I was biking yesterday, and stung me. Silver lining? *grasps mightily* I didn't swallow it, and I didn't crash. But still-- argh! o_O

Near the end of the ride, I saw a scruffy-looking quail that was missing its dealy-bobber. Must have escaped being dinner at some point! And, several weeks ago, I came across a group of quail that had late hatchlings. You know how quail are vaguely pear-shaped? That part of the babies' bodies was fig-sized, at best. They were so tiny, they looked almost like fuzzy bugs. I've never seen baby birds that small waddling around on their own.

We'll be traveling to and from the Bay Area tomorrow, for a family visit. So to help the long ride, and get my writing productivity up, I offer this:

A free 100-word drabble to each of the first five responders, in any of my fandom. Please check the fic pages linked off my home page for fandoms, pairings, etc. Go forth and prompt!