August 11th, 2011


Today would have been elanurel's birthday...

and how I miss her.

She was such a funny, kind, sweet, and creative person. As hard as it has been to lose her (so unfairly, so soon), I am incredibly grateful that I was lucky enough to know her for the time that I did.

I'm thinking of you, Branni, and wishing you were here to celebrate. ♥

Happy Birthday Wishes For...

janissa11 and brigid_tanner, both of whom seem to be hiding today, but that won't save them!

Em, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the coming year is in all ways better than this last one. You deserve that and so much more!

For Brigid, please enjoy yourself with friends and family today, and (*hint hint*) I'd love to see you around more. It doesn't have to be fannishness-- you're smart and funny, and my f-list has been lacking in you-ness this last year! and cake to you today. \o/

In other news, I spent a LOT of time last night looking at the craziness over at Damn You, Auto-Correct!. A work friend linked me to that site. SO much wrongness, and so little time to explore it all. :D