July 12th, 2011

Psycho Penguin

Vacation is looming...

Only 2 1/2 more days. I'm getting scatterbrained already!

We'll be staying in a lot of motels this time. My sister in Portland no longer has a guest room (I think it finally became her oldest daughter's room), and though her boyfriend has bought a huge house, it's still being renovated. As in, no water during our stay. Motels make the food thing more complicated (a mini-fridge really helps), but most of them have a gym, so that removes a different complication. ;)

My main vacation challenges are getting exercise, not overeating (or being stranded without food-- yay, hypoglycemia!), laundry (especially all my exercise clothes), and keeping Christopher in books. I foresee a Wednesday night trip to the library for that last part.

Speaking of Christopher, I'm budgeting LEGO sets for his birthday in August. He's been on a Star Wars binge for years (never the basic LEGO pirates, though, which I seriously want). For his birthday last year, I went out on a limb and branched out into the LEGO Atlantis stuff (mutant shark warrior! mutant squid warrior!), which is a LEGO original and really creative. Last Christmas, I bought him the LEGO Kingdoms castle, which is awesome. He's had tons of fun with it, and has bought more Kingdoms stuff. So his number one birthday wish this year (which I've had my eye on for years) is the Medieval Market. God, the detail. It's wonderful! He also's also interested in several of the Harry Potter sets. Initially, he'd planned to pass, but then he saw Hagrid's Hut, which is a terrific. He tends to like the random, weird details as much as I do, which here means, the tiny mushrooms!

Another LEGO series that cracks me up, but I'm not planning to buy (yet. Stay strong) is the Alien Conquest stuff. This set has a tiny businessman (with briefcase!) being attacked by an evil Mike Wyzowski, and another one features a farmer (with pitchfork) being abducted. Someone at LEGO has a great sense of humor. ;)

Our family movie this weekend was Better Off Dead. There is so much wonderfully weird humor in it. The terrifying and tenacious paper boy! The godawful mother and son next door ("Rickyyyy!")! Plus, there are dancing hamburgers. It's one of my favorite John Cusack movies, along with Say Anything. Those were the days...

And on the writing front of slow progress, I've managed to finish the last prompt in two different prompt tables over the past couple of weeks. Finally!