July 6th, 2011


Somebody turn down the sun! >:{

Well, no bike ride today. I forgot my second water bottle, and the temps are scorching. At least Accuweather has caught up: its "Real feel" for 88o at noon is around 95 now (humidity), which is much closer to the truth.

I mentioned that we'd gotten hooked on Community last week. The codas after the episode are often my favorite part—Spanish 101 Rap, and "O, Christmas Troy".

We're watching Psych, S5, in which Little Shawn was recast mid-season (sacrilege!), and Gus has suddenly become unsuccessful with women and a would-be player. (What is THAT all about?) The "Dual Spires" episode in homage to Twin Peaks was pure genius, though. And I'm completely intrigued by the concept of cinnamon pie.

Our family movie this weekend was Whale Rider. Lauren bailed mid-movie, but Christopher really enjoyed it (HSH and I had already seen it). We talked about it a lot afterwards—about the challenge of maintaining older cultures and traditions in the modern world, about the incredible resilience and perseverance of the little girl, and how well the movie shows that she really IS her tribe's next leader even though she is yet a child. What an amazing performance by Keisha Castle-Hughes—it still blows me away, even now.

All right, back to work. Boo. :(